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WaterLily Turbine Early Impressions - TA Loeffler

WaterLily Turbine Early Impressions - TA Loeffler

Dr. TA Loeffler is an educator, adventurer, nature advocate, author, and keynote speaker from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

She has climbed to the highest peaks on 6/7 continents, and reached 7300 meters on her third attempt on Mount Everest. She is a fortified explorer, so much so that Canadian Geographic named TA as one of Canada’s Greatest Explorers and Modern-Day Trailblazers. It should come at no one’s surprise that her 2018 summer is filled with more adventures.

TA and Marian are currently on a 3400 km (2110 mile) canoe expedition, leading from Jasper, Alberta to the Arctic Ocean. The journey will take them along 4 rivers as they paddle north to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories. As part of their power solution, the pair have packed a WaterLily Turbine to capture energy from water and wind. They've been posting their early impressions on their online feeds, and we're compiling them here.

They've done it! TA and Marian have safely completed their journey bringing them to the Arctic Ocean. They've been followed by many news outlets including being featured on the CBC National News. 

“This is our @waterlilyturbine in action yesterday at our camp. Still designing some innovative ways to get it into the Athabasca River without risking ourselves or the Water Lily...this version worked pretty well and of course, as a climber at heart, it had redundant back ups in case of stick failure.” - From TA's Instagram

The route that TA and Marian have planned brings plenty of opportunity to harvest water and wind, and a 90 day excursion will certainly put their WaterLily through its paces!

“For this kind of trip, one with lots of water and wind, it’s working well so far.”

“One of our devices that make our devices possible...our @waterlilyturbine. It works in wind and current to make electricity for us.“ - From TA's Instagram

The pair’s trip should take them into August, and they’ll be posting regular updates for viewers to follow. Be sure to follow along TA and Marian’s journey through social media and on their website. The pair are posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as well as on www.TaLoeffler.com

We had a wind day that kept us off the river but it didn't keep us from charging our devices. We made a tripod out of paddles and put that wind to good use with our @WaterLilyTurbine #poweredbynature - From TA's Instagram

"When canoeists have a wind day, they charge their batteries. Both the ones that power our communications and the ones that power us. Rest days make us stronger. @waterlilyturbine #paddlingnorth #poweredbynature"

“Here’s another way we deployed our @waterlilyturbine today. Cantilevered out into the Athabasca River with flows around 650 m/s. The yellow line is backup in case the rock or sticks give it up. We don’t want to lose our Lily.” - From TA's Instagram 

"Awesome campsite. A creek to use the @waterlilyturbine , batteries that need charging, and a wee bit of Internet to brag about it. #paddlingnorth #temporarilypaddlingsouth #naturepower" -
From TA's Instagram

"We had a great deployment of our @waterlilyturbine last night. We were camped in the middle of the Slave River on a piece of the Canadian Shield. Our own private island came with a small riffle that worked well with our @waterlilyturbine and we woke up to a fully charged battery! #paddlingnorth#poweredbynature"
From TA's Instagram

We'll be sharing TA and Marian's updates as they post them. Stay tuned for more WaterLily Turbine customer reviews!

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Jul 10, 2018 • Posted by John strube

Very cool idea.

Jul 10, 2018 • Posted by Shawna lowther

My son would love this, is there a way to a coupon , I am sure.i would buy.two maybe 3

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